Monday, January 23, 2006

Quote on Ultrashort Sleep Findings

From "Why We Nap," Claudio Stampi:
(Referring to a study in chapter 12; page 195)

The implications of what emerged from this series of studies are discussed in greater detail, within the broader context of a review on other polyphasic sleep studies, in Chapters 1 and 10. In brief, findings described in this chapter do not appear to contradict the following hypothesis:
  1. Adult humans appear to have a natural ability to adapt to polyphasic sleep schedules.
  2. The 4-hr ultradian cycle of sleep-wake pressure previously described may be an important factor in allowing adaptation to polyphasic patterns.
  3. The sleep-wake system appears to show a high level of flexibility in terms of sleep timing and duration.
  4. Polyphasic sleep may be a feasable, and perhaps the only, strategy allowing remarkable levels of sleep reduction during prolonged quasi-continuous work situations, without unduly compromising performance effectiveness.
  5. This may be analogous to what is observed in a considerable number of mammalian species, particularly in those living in dangerous environments.
  6. Further studies extended to a larger sample of subjects may provide powerful tools for developing sleep-wake schedules for individuals involved in irregular or quasi-continuous work situations.
  7. These findings and hypothesis raise challenging questions concerning what is known about the regulatory mechanisms of sleep function.

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